Zyle Fenster are delighted to announce the full BBA certification of a huge range of products for the Irish market

Zyle Fenster Windows – Fully Certified for Ireland. Fear not the SEAI!

Anyone who has been involved in building a home knows that, as exciting as it is, there are countless hidden pitfalls seemingly designed to sap your spirit, as well as your funds. This has never been truer than it is in recent years, when the increased need for environmental efficiency has seen the enforcement of legislation across all elements of the build.

The purchase and installation of glazing products have come under particular scrutiny, with windows and doors needing to be fully certified in order to be accepted by the Energy Consultant. They will simply refuse to sign off on products that haven’t been certified specifically for Ireland, regardless of their status overseas. In our jurisdiction, this means a certification recognised by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). As a consequence, manufacturers are forced, at their own expense, to submit their products to independent bodies such as the BBA or the NSAI.

This has proved a costly, but necessary challenge for manufacturers, but Zyle Fenster Ireland have wasted no time in tackling the issue.

Zyle Fenster are delighted to announce the full BBA certification of a huge range of products for the Irish market, so not only can you install the most stylish, efficient, and robust windows on the market, but you won’t hear a peep out of your Energy Consultant in the process!


Casement open out window:

–          Double glazed

–          Triple glazed


Sky Lift & slide door

–          Triple glazed


92 mm Inward door

–          Triple glazed sash

–          92mm Variotec panel


Europa 92ml Tilt & Turn windows

–          Double Glazed

–          Triple Glazed


Timber Sash Sliders

– Spiral Balanced

– Weighted


Raynaers Aluminium

– Slim Line 38 Ferro Tilt & Turn Window, Triple Glazed

– Slim Line 38 Ferro Door Open Inward, Triple Glazed

– MasterLine8 Tilt & Turn Window, Triple Glazed

– MasterLine8 Door Open Inward, Triple Glazed

– CS77 Casement Window, Triple Glazed

– CP155 Lift & Slide Door, Triple Glazed

Timber sliding doors Zyle Fenster

The above products represent a solution to suit any development imaginable. Zyle Fenster are committed to combing these products with impeccable installation standards to tackle your bespoke builds. Remember, at Zyle Fenster Ireland we never shy away from even your most ambitious plans.

So while we can’t promise you won’t have any headaches from your Energy Consultant while building your home, we can promise it won’t be because of your Zyle Fenter Windows and Doors!

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