Reynaers Lift-and-Slide Doors CP-155

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Reynaers Lift-and-Slide Doors CP-155

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Reynaers Lift-and-Slide Doors CP-155

When it comes to insulating slide and lift-slide systems, the Concept Patio® 155 is a premium example. Making the most of maximum glazed areas, it is designed to be stylish and versatile.



What’s the point of living in a beautiful area if you can’t truly enjoy it? Being able to sit down with a morning coffee (or an evening glass of wine) and gaze out into your garden (or across the city) is one of the most enjoyable things in life.

The CP-155 is the ideal sliding door system for those that want larger doors. Indeed, it’s powerful enough that doors of up to 3 metres in height and with a vent weight of up to 400kg are more than achievable.

For the biggest homes and the most beautiful views to take advantage of, there are few better options.



Thanks to our ‘high insulation’ upgrade, the CP-155 can perform superbly. With thermal insulation levels as low as 1.07 W/m2k, you can enjoy all the benefits of a glazed element that gets even lower: below 1.0 W/m2k in some cases.

Thermal performance gives you the chance to both save money on your bills for years and to enjoy the comforts that come from a far ‘greener’ home.



Our lift-slide system makes opening even the largest doors incredibly easy. The stainless steel materials combined with a unique design mean the absolute minimum of friction whilst moving the doors, followed by a firm, weather-proof lock-in when closed.



Have we mentioned the potential weight of up to 400kg? Well, that’s not the only security the CP-155 offers. There’s also the option of enjoying compliance with burglar resistance class 2, so you can lock up at night with real peace of mind.


All of the products we sell at Livingwood have been PAS 24 tested. PAS 24 is carried out by the BSI, and checks how windows and doors react to attack from a casual or opportunistic burglar. When you buy from Livingwood, you can enjoy real peace of mind knowing that everything has passed the test.



One of the optional choices for the CP-155 is High Insulation (HI). This helps to achieve even better insulation values than the standard model, with one of the CP-155 monorails achieving the prestigious Swiss Minergie component label.

This unique mark certifies a product as being truly sustainable and suitable for refurbished buildings: ideal for any companies looking to improve their CSR credentials.

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